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Wed Dec 9 14:01:59 EST 1992

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Jeff, N9HZQ wrote:

>What is your feeling about how logs should be submitted?  CT allows you
>to remove all dupes from your log.  It looks much cleaner that way,
>but is it best considering the above scenarios?  Maybe I'd better stop
>typing rmdupes at the end of the contests.

I agree with Eric, K3NA.  If you exchange reports with someone, even if s/he
is a dupe, log it anyway.  If you send "dupe" and the other station agrees,
there is no need to log it.  Let the log checkers sort it all out.  If you
take dupes out of your log, you have no recourse if the 2nd contact is the
only valid one, but you removed it.  Why limit your chances? There is *no
penalty* for submitting a log where all the duplicate contacts are

73 - Jim AD1C

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