Dwaine Hurta hurta at ap040.dseg.ti.com
Wed Dec 9 13:43:43 EST 1992

>From KM9P:
 > This past SS I had a number of guys call me and I blew them off with the
 > usual "QSO B4 TU TEST DE N4RJ".  After the contest Jeff (KR0Y) told me
 > that one of his buddies tried to work me twice on Sunday and I told him he
 > was a dupe.  Jeff said the guy told him that I wasn't in his log. 
Not to sound rude, but 
I, too, know of a local who tried to work you but wasn't able to... 
and he will be sending in his log...  maybe the same guy...
We were a multi-op and taped parts of SS...  it's AMAZING how many people
got blown out of our log due to hickups in the timing of the exchange
coupled with the burning desire to keep the frequency by one of our ops.
The radio started with the semi-breakin delay being set too long and caused     some exchange timing to get off (we might miss most of a request for a fill,
silence, then we both transmit at just about the same time, silence, then
a big "?" by a 3rd station caused the cq to rattle again to protect the
frequency...)  Those are our rookie mistakes.  
 > Keeping this mind... I will probably lose 3 QSO's now because this guy
 > wouldn't say "Hey lid, you didn't work me!".  
Unfortunately there is no provision in the software to keep you from calling
someone whose call you might have miscopied (how can it? a "he won't work me" 
entry?).  One of our ops logged a suffix FU as RU, and our notes file indicated
we tried working FU 4 times afterwards, the last he sent QSO B4 DAMIT :-)
We couldn't call up the notes file during the contest, and he wouldn't work
us again, so we kept calling- finally someone put up a sticker to not call him.
So it could have been that he loses 3 Q's and we lose 3 Q's... except we
figured it out... and now we delete him and only HE loses 3 Q's :-). 
He has nothing to lose to work us again, and plenty if he doesn't.

The idea of assembling a "hit squad" just came to mind. 
For the right incentive, a group could drop XXXXXX from their logs... :-) :-) 

On the first "dupe" call, we send QSO B4 --- but if the guy protests we work 
him again (like if someone sent NO NO in response to QSO B4),
no big deal on the computer IF we think the other guy knows what he's doing.  
So, I guess we should delete the 1st QSO if we work him again, but if we do that
the software renumbers all the QSO's thereafter... so I guess we mark
the 1st QSO as a dupe to keep the software happy and the log checker happy.
Do the log checkers verify serial numbers in the exchanges in SS?  It
hasn't appeared that way in the past...  maybe the software "renumbering"
of serial numbers isn't important.  Maybe what serial number you send out
isn't important...
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