Rus Healy NJ2L rhealy at arrl.org
Wed Dec 9 15:54:19 EST 1992

>Do the log checkers verify serial numbers in the exchanges in SS?  It
>hasn't appeared that way in the past...  

Yes. (Well, to be specific, the computer does it.) If you bust the 
serial number--or any other part of a QSO--you'll lose the Q 
(assuming that the Contest Branch checks your log, that is).

>maybe the software "renumbering" of serial numbers isn't important.

Not true. This was a constant struggle with my old AEA CK-2 keyer,
but it's no hassle with CT. If someone insists that you haven't
worked, work 'em again and log him. The computer will take care
of the rest. It won't give you credit for working him twice.

Sometimes, if my rate is slow and a dupe calls in, then insists
that he's not a dupe, I tell him what time the QSO was. This
takes about 1 second with CT and about 5 seconds on the air. I
don't consider this a hassle if my rate is under 75 or so per 
hour. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the guy comes back and 
says, "Okay, QSL, QSO B4," or some such. You can usually envision 
his/her embarrassment, too. :')

>Maybe what serial number you send out isn't important...

True, if you don't finish in the top 20 or so in your category.
Otherwise, I'd keep doing it the same way you always have: carefully.

--73, Rus, NJ2L

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