: 160 M. Contest.

Raymond D. Craig craigr at marlin.nosc.mil
Wed Dec 9 12:41:59 EST 1992

> Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 14:00:50 EST
> From: KU4A at LEXVMK.VNET.IBM.COM (545-4876)
> To: cq-contest at TGV.COM
> Subject: Re: 160 M. Contest.
> 55 Qs/25 sections in about 3 hours Saturday night.
> Off and on through the years I have tried to find a decent antenna for
> 160 for my small lot.  I am still looking.  Talk about alligators, it
> is amazing the number of CQers I called with nary so much as a QRZ?.
> Then there were those that could copy everything perfectly the first
> time.
> 73 de Chris KU4A
> Kentucky Contest Group

One of the stations that always hears well is N4AR.  He is always one of 
the first SouthEast stations I work on 160.  Usually gets the exchange
the first time.  K8CC is another one.  

I was using CT 8.22 in the 160 test and had the Super Check Partial enabled
most of the time.  With a fast computer, CT will update the Check Partial
Window each time you enter a letter in a call.  I was amazed at how many
US calls were in his database.  I think over 80% of the calls in my log where
in the database.  Nifty feature but the delay in updating with a slower 
computer is very annoying.  16 MHz 386SX is definitely not fast enough but
33 MHz 486 is a breeze. Hi...

73  Rick  N6ND

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