Mosley PRO-67B

R.D. Klein ronklein at
Thu Dec 10 06:56:13 EST 1992

>Does anyone have any experience with this antenna?  If it works as
>well on 10-15-20 as the TH-7 and KT-34XA, it could be the
>solution for those of us with limited space who need some
>gain on 40, and might like to dabble around on the WARC bands
>between contests.
>Scott   K9MA

I installed a PRO67B on my existing 50 foot tower in September. It is a
fine performer. I have no empirical data to compare to a TH-7 or
KT-34XA, but in the Phone SS, it performed extremely well. 40 and 10
were especially good, with good performance on 15 and 20. Compared to the
old Wilson System 33, it does a fine job. What little time I have spent
on the WARC bands, it does fine there as well.

It has a lot to do with my best ever SS Phone score - 1471 Q's/77
Sections in High Power, Single Op.

Consistent with the Mosley reputation, it is extremely well built, and
assembled easily - in spite of a manual that could be improved. The
customer service from Mosley was superb. Gary Sr, the President, was
the person that answered my questions while it was in assembly. He
is obviously a shirtsleeve fellow who takes pride in his product and
in assisting his customers to accomplish a successful installation.

It does weigh in at just over 100 pounds, so hoisting it up the tower
did require some work.

I would highly recommend the antenna for someone who does not strive
to be a true big gun. This combined with a pair of Hygain Hytowers
used as a 2 element phased array on 75 has completed my HF installation
very nicely. I beat some of the local big guns in some pileups during
CQWW SSB weekend. It is a fine antenna.

Ron - W0OSK

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