Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 jayk at
Thu Dec 10 07:52:33 EST 1992

>Does anyone have any experience with this antenna?  If it works as
>well on 10-15-20 as the TH-7 and KT-34XA, it could be the
>solution for those of us with limited space who need some
>gain on 40, and might like to dabble around on the WARC bands
>between contests.
>Scott   K9MA
I have a PRO-96, the big brother of the 67B. I'll agree with everything
that Ron W0OSK just posted. The boom on the 67B is 24 feet long, so
it probably compares better with the TH7 than the KT-34XA.

One big difference with the 67B, while it has 2 driven elements, it only
uses one driven element per band. So its not as broadband as antennas
using dual drivens on every band. My 96 will cover all of 20 meters OK,
but is very near 2:1 SWR on both ends of the band. On 40 it has the typical
narrow SWR of a 'shorty fourty'. With my antenna cut for 7.100 the SWR
is under 2:1 from the bottom to about 7240. The 96 has 3 elements on 40
so perhaps the 67B will act a bit differently on 40.

Its really nice to have a yagi on the WARC bands. When a rare one comes on
17 meters, with the PRO-96 and a KW I usually get through the pile-up in
a couple of calls.

>The customer service from Mosley was superb. Gary Sr, the President, was
>the person that answered my questions while it was in assembly. He
>is obviously a shirtsleeve fellow who takes pride in his product and
>in assisting his customers to accomplish a successful installation.
>Ron - W0OSK

Gary Sr. is (IMHO) the ONLY person at Mosley who know whats going on there...

73, Jay  K0GU       jayk at

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