10M test

Chris Gay 545-4876 KU4A at LEXVMK.VNET.IBM.COM
Mon Dec 14 07:57:59 EST 1992

single-op low power mixed (15 hours):

KU4A 353/103 100528

As Sunday afternoon wore on I kept thinking...hmmm...wonder if I can get
over 100K. Had a good run of Californians till about 2340 that got me to
99.8K. Then a local called me to put me over the top. After working him
I noticed the band seemed quiet all-of-a-sudden. Tuned around, sure
enough, dead! Just made it!! (I did flip back down to CW and worked N6EK
for another Q, but that was the only station I heard after 2345) Talk
about the thrill of contesting! Thanks to everyone who worked me.

73 de Chris KU4A

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