Gary L. Grebus decvax!balrog.k8lt.ampr.org!glg at uucp-gw-2.pa.dec.com
Fri Dec 11 22:45:00 EST 1992

Why do I contest (what little I get to do anymore)...

Because it takes skill, and it's satifying to do it well.  Maintaining
a good run, snagging the multipliers, hitting the openings, squeezing
every contact out of the wall of QRM.  When everything is clicking
it's absolutely a thrill.

And, during the DX contests, it's really exciting to get your head
tuned into the whole world...you know where the sun is rising, where
most folks are sleeping, you hear your friends in other countries and
know they're doing the same thing you are.  

	Gary Grebus K8LT
	glg at balrog.k8lt.ampr.org

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