10 M Test - Almost

Sylvan Katz sylvan at skatter.usask.ca
Mon Dec 14 22:28:51 EST 1992

The 10 meter contest was interesting to say the least. First of all I
forgot that it is was on this weekend. I had just spent 3 weeks at
37,000 feet never knowing from day to day which city I was in let
alone the date. Next my father had booked my time on saturday morning
to help him clean up the basement. Finally, I have some RFI problems
with a neighbour - I am still working on that one. So after my Dad and
I had done our thing I had lunch. Then I sat down at the rig just to
see what was on. Twenty and fifteen meters were dead so just for the
hell of it I zipped up to 10. Boy was there ever a lot of activity -
BINGO - I remembered. On went the linear and I was off. So the
following results reflect my activity from about 2130z on saturday
until sunday about 2300z when the neigbour asked me if could use his
stereo (get this - he $1200 stereo is only encased in a wooden box -
no shielding - what a nightmare). Anyway -

	QSOs	Sec	Countries
CW	 614	52	23
SSB	1086	51	17
	-----	--	--
Total	1700	103	40	660K points

BUT I do have one question! Where were the EU's stations - I worked a
total of 20 or so G/GW/DL/F/OH's and not a single U. AND these I worked
very late sunday morning. Oh well, I guess that is what happens when
you live inside a propagation black hole. Still in search of the

Sylvan - VE5ZX

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