Questions on non-US QSL bureaus

Patty Winter winter at
Tue Dec 15 17:42:28 EST 1992

I just got curious about how QSL bureaus work in other countries. I
figured there are people on this group who either live or have lived
outside the U.S. Here are my simple questions:

* Is there a central bureau for incoming cards (in contrast
  to our district system)?
* What happens when cards arrive? Are they separated and sent 
  to regional bureaus? 
* Are there enough hams to justify having suffix managers 
  (as we do in the U.S.)?
* Are the incoming and outgoing bureaus (or the single bureau)
  run under the auspices of the country's primary amateur radio
* Are the bureaus staffed entirely by volunteers? (Our incoming
  ones are, but not the outgoing one.)


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