Questions on non-US QSL bureaus

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Remarks from G-land:-

<<I just got curious about how QSL bureaus work in other countries.>>

S'funny - we're kinda curious about how our QSL bureaux work, too :-)

<<Is there a central bureau for incoming cards?>>


<<What happens when cards arrive? Are they separated and sent to regional

Our bureax is distributed, according to call prefix. F'rinstance, All the
G2-calls have a manager (there's not that many of 'em these days), but the G0's
are split something along the lines of G0AAA-G0AZZ = thisManager, etc. The
'local' managers (known as submanagers round these parts) have volunteers who
work at home.

<<Are there enough hams to justify having suffix managers (as we do in the

I think I adressed this above.

<<Are the incoming and outgoing bureaus (or the single bureau) run under the
auspices of the country's primary amateur radio organization?>>

Yes, that's the way it is here. Focal point for _ALL_ cards is RSGB HQ; they
batch outbound cards for each international bureau. They also batch inbound
cards and forward them to the relevant submanagers.

<<Are the bureaus staffed entirely by volunteers? (Our incoming ones are, but
not the outgoing one.)>>

Hey! We do that too!

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