Where did K1AR Go?

Doug.Grant at analog.com Doug.Grant at analog.com
Thu Dec 17 18:02:00 EST 1992

Several alert readers asked me for details on where AR went that caused us to
take down his antennas and have a good-bye party.

John has taken a full-time position at CQ Magazine in Hicksville, NY, and
moved to Long Island last week. He's working on getting Internet access, and
will probably announce his presence by calling CQ on here (assuming he can
find something that looks like a band edge) and having a 200-hour.

If you want to talk to him, you can call him at CQ. After all, it's his job
now to talk to hams, so he won't get yelled at.

Doug K1DG (one of the three remaining big-time contesters left in Windham, NH
now that AR's gone. I need to figure out how to get N6BV and K1TR to move t
o NY...)

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