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Fri Dec 18 13:41:39 EST 1992

   After long  and  difficult  preparations,  a group of amateurs found an
opportunity to operate from NORTH KOREA (P5...).
   In view   of   the  most  complicated  political  situation  (which  is
well-known) the expedition has a higher probablity  of  failure,  than  of
success.  A license was issued by the military authorities of NORTH KOREA.
It holds certain guarantees that the upcoming operation will  take  place.
However,  the  DXpedition organizers have serious concerns,  because there
are many conditions, restrictions and stipulations imposed upon them.
   This DXpedition, if it takes place, doesn't wish to undermine the major
work done by the IARU group consisting of W1RU,  OH2BH and others.  In our
case  military  (not  civilian)  license was issued.  Moreover,  the first
operation from a  previously  "closed"  country  frequently  "opens"  that
country for future ham radio activity.
   The organizers decided not to appeal for funds and support to any clubs
& associations before the upcoming operation, even though the expenses are
very high.  The risk is just too big and we  feel  we  cannot  risk  other
peoples   money.   Everything   was  organized  and  funded  privately  by
individuals from several countries.
   After the  DXpedition  is  over,  DXAC  shall  receive ORIGINALS of all
available documents,  licenses, passports, photographs, perhaps even video
shot on location.
   Because of restrictions imposed upon the operators,  they can  transmot
only correspondents   callsign  and  his  report.  Please  don't  ask  any
questions on the air>  Address  all  inquiries  to  the  manager,  JA1HGY.
Donations can also be made via JA1HGY, any support is welcomed.
   Proposed callsign for the operation:  P5RS7  (papa  five  radio  sierra
seven), to QRV _ONLY_ CW and SSB. Standard DXpedition frequencies, QSX up!
   No RTTY or WARC bands due to restrictions.  We shall announce the names
of all operators when the expedition is successful.
   We thank you all beforehand for being disciplined and understanding.
   Wish us good luck.
   73! For the operators and organizers.

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