XT VGA Help?

Geoffry S. Howard GHOWARD at Kentvm.Kent.edu
Sat Dec 19 14:25:08 EST 1992

Hope you all won't see this as in improper use of this frorum, but I'm
desperate!!?? Trying to get a new VGA monitor to run with an old XT
as a Christmas present for my wife. NOW is it clear why I'm desperate?

Have a new Zenith 284m SVGA monitor and a Wang 1MB video adapter
card in an old XT clone. All works perfectly, including all of the
video modes. Only problem is that all the colors are wrong. In
running the video diagnostics, green is coming out blue, blue as
green, and intensified as non-intensified.

At bootup, I am getting a message (probably from the "SPEEDY EXCEL
TURBO" ROM BIOS) that "ERROR #04 is occuring. From there, I can
press enter and the bootup concludes normally.

I'm using the ANSI.SYS supplied with the video card.

All applications work fine, but colors are all wrong. You should
SEE what CT looks like!!! Kenny would flip.

Anybody been this route before who can help?? Drop me mail
at GHOWARD at KENTVM.KENT.EDU or via the mail reflector. I am
also on Prodigy as BKCX26A. I have looked all through the Zenith
Data Systems video forum on CompuServe for help, but no

Thanks and 73 from Geoff, W0CG, Suffield, Ohio....

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