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Mon Dec 21 13:17:36 EST 1992

Since contesters are the best at moving information, maybe someone out
there can help with this.

A friend of a friend called me today and has become aware of a shipment
of books that were sent from Portland, Oregon to a small village in the
Fiji Islands.  The shipment has gotten as far as a nearby airport, but
needs to be picked up.  There is a "ham" station on the island, callsign

Also, I worked some 3D2 this morning on 40 and 80 CW, so maybe he can
help.  If someone else runs into him, could you please QSP the following
information.  I don't remember if we have a third party agrement with
Fiji, but concerning the content of the message, if they want to 
throw me in jail for passing it along, then something is wrong.

The shipment of books is a XMAS present for a school on the island
of WAYA, which is in the YASAWA group in the west side of Fiji.  The
name of the village is YALONBI.  The message is that the shipment of
books for their school has made it as far as the airport in Nandi and
needs arrangements for delivery to the village.

The books are from Jerry Round in Portland and the person I am talking
to is Sammy who visited the village last year and is well known there
as Sammy.

If you are able to QSP this message to someone, please let me know so
I can inform the people here.

Thanks for letting me take up a minute or two of your time.

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