Mark Wilson mwilson at arrl.org
Tue Dec 22 12:02:36 EST 1992

Lighten up.

The offending newsletter is published on the letterhead of 
the Arlington, Virginia, chapter of 10-10 and is primarily 
the work (and opinion) of AB4YP. It's not published by 
10-10 International.

The opinions expressed in that newsletter are not necessarily 
those of the entire 10-10 organization, any more than the 
opinions of the editor of the YCCC Scuttlebutt (an ARRL affiliated 
club) are those of ARRL.

So give 10-10 (the organization) a break! They do a lot to
encourage people to make noise on 10 meters at the bottom of
the solar cycle when you guys are all off running people on
160 meters.

If you want to take a few shots, send them to AB4YP. He'll
probably use the best excerpts in his next newsletter. If
you give him some really good fodder, maybe he'll put you
on the mailing list...

Mark Wilson, AA2Z

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