New topic to throw around...

Michael Mraz mikemr at
Wed Dec 23 12:49:43 EST 1992

Yeah, Tree, I heard you on 40 this morning as I was sipping coffee and watching
the packetcluster screen (  ;->  ). I heard the pile on the 9K2 but didn't feel
like dealing with it. I was also looking for your user record on the cluster...

Frankly, I find that I listen MORE now that I have packetcluster. I 
like to be the
first one to throw out the spot. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to 
be listening
on 14025 just when Baldur showed up calling CQ (5X5WR). I worked him on 
the first
try (100W and TH11). I think the cluster has motivated me to do much 
more listening
than I did before. And there's no doubt that it helped me with the 
second hundred.

The pileups on P5RS7 have been huge also. But the ops are experienced and their
rates seem to be pretty good. I don't think packetcluster has made the pileups
any MORE unruly---there are the same proportion of poor ops---but there are
probably more ops in the pile. All the more reason to listen more and be the
station who makes the spot.

Happy holidays everyone!!  73    Mike    N6MZ    mikemr at

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