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sellington sellington at
Wed Dec 23 15:20:14 EST 1992

I agree with all Larry's comments on the packet generated pile-ups.  

Much of the trouble would go away if there were just some way to prevent
anyone from calling before copying the callsign.  Limiting packet postings
to country and frequency only would help, but wouldn't work for 
expeditions when everyone knows the callsign of the only station 
in the country.  There's probably no enforcible way to require DX
stations to sign more frequently.  

I've never been on the other end, but it seems that when a pile-up gets
so out of control that a station is only making one contact every 
two minutes, there are lots of ways the DX station could improve on that.
One is to QSY, call a short CQ, work a few stations until things slow
down, then QSY again.  I've heard a few stations do this.  Most of the
alligators are let behind.  It shouldn't be hard to stay one step
ahead of the packet postings.  I heard one station say "U 5", then
work someone down 5.  That works, as long as he never works someone
right on his own frequency.  In any case, perhaps many DX operators 
don't understand the full impact of packet, and could use some direction.
There are plenty of you who have seen things from both sides, so perhaps
you have some suggestions for other DX operators.  It does seem
that the DX operators are in the best postion to do something about
the problem.

Scott   K9MA

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