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Larry, N6TR wrote:

>I think it is a reasonable conclusion that packet radio has increased the
>size of pileups on rare DX stations significantly.

I think it has increased the size of pileups for *medium-rare* DX stations.
The very rare DX will always have huge pileups, and the common DX won't have
pileups at all, even if they're spotted.

While it may have "cheapened DX awards", it has added an interesting
strategy element to contesting.  Do you jump in the pileup right away, or
wait until all the other stations in your area (who presumably have seen the
same DX spot) have worked the DX? And sometimes it's fun to watch the
feeding frenzy that develops after you discover someone, work him and put
the DX spot out! ;-)

>This might even result in people having to copy the DX stations
>callsign again, instead of just looking at their computer screen.

Even in a contest, I want to hear the callsign of the DX station I'm
working.  I dont want to lose points because of someone else's bad spot.

The thing that bothers me most about packet is the guys who use packet
instead of listening.  A since-forgotten operator put up a packet message
last night similar to the following:

    P5RS7 was on 14.005 listening up.  Since I can't transmit below 14.025,
    I plunked down on 14025.7 and proceeded to call him.  After <n>
    frustrating minutes, I noticed the packet screen saying, "worked 19.2",
    "worked 021", etc.  So I know he was tuning up, and continued to call
    him.  When he got over 025, he heard my call and I worked him.

Big deal.  He could have saved a lot of RF by listening for the station that
the P5 was working, instead of calling, in this case, blindly.  But he let
packet be his guide.  Repeated "worked 034.6" spots really bug me - they're
a waste of packet bandwidth, and they aren't timely.  But I'll save this
rant for another day.

73 & Happy Holidays!

- Jim AD1C

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