BILL J. FISHER 71662.17 at CompuServe.COM
Sun Dec 27 17:03:31 EST 1992

>I am trying to get a Colorado NAQP team set up.  Unfortunately, the
>potential team members aren't enthused because they figure that none
>of them is going to win Colorado, and therefore, won't get a certificate.
>Does the NAQP give a certificate to each member of the top scoring
>team (like the NA Sprint) ?  

>This, of course presumes that we will be the top socring team !

>Steve, N2IC/0

Yes the NAQP does have certificates for each member of a winning team.  We
had originally tried to give out T-shirts for each member but the cost and
time ended up being to much for me.


Bill, KM9P

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