P5 freq. spread

Rich Gelber K2WR 72407.1262 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Dec 28 20:12:54 EST 1992

Last night's 100 KHz+ spread by P5RS7 on 20 CW was positively revolting.
There can't be any excuse for taking up an entire band. When I've 
complained in the past about this tendency of Romeo's, Ed NT2X always
tells me: 
"There's no choice given the volume of weak signals calling",
but I don't believe it. After all, you're only trying to pick out
ONE callsign or fragment at a time. This is a fairly new development
in DXpeditions, and probably first happened with 3Y5X. But Romeo seems
to do it every time now. Now, I LIKE Romeo, and can't ignore his
courage and skill in getting into impossible places, but to take
up an entire band on trip after trip suggests to me that someone's
ego is playing a role.

de Rich K2WR

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