N2IC's "east coast"

sellington sellington at mail.ssec.wisc.edu
Tue Dec 29 10:45:03 EST 1992

Says KM9P:

  I may have worked 4 or 5 russian stations on 80 and none of them
  were over S-9. [In Western PA]

If we ever hear an S-9 Russian station on 80 in Wisconsin, we'll let you
all know.  It does sound a bit like you guys are arguing about whether
which model of Mercedes is better, while here in the mid-west we're
all driving 10 year old Toyotas.  (Sorry, that's the best analogy 
I could think of.)   It's very common here to hear an East Coast station 
with modest antennas running totally inaudible Europeans, on most 
any band.

I think someone else pointed out a while back that the distance from
Denver to Boston is roughly the same as the distance from Boston
to London.  Being further south makes it easier to work some other
paths, but it sure doesn't seem to make up for being further from Europe.
How often do you northern East Coast operators hear stations in Florida
working Europeans you can't hear?


Scott   K9MA

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