"East Coast"

Trey Garlough GARLOUGH at TGV.COM
Tue Dec 29 08:46:37 EST 1992

> Look at how well the Texas gang can do into EU on 80 meters compared to 
> stations like W0AIH, despite the distance "advantage" that AIH "enjoys".  

Yes, but what comes around goes around.  Being farther south gives you 
higher MUF, but higher absorption as well.  While the southern latitudes
are kicking butt on 10, the nothern latitudes are kicking butt on 20 and
so forth.  It's a mixed bag.  And considering that K7RI won the CQWW SSB
during the last solar max with a tribander, I wouldn't say that the 
western stations are giving up *everything* *every time* with respect to
stations in the east.  And considering winning CQWW CW scores in the single
op category by K9DX (Chicago, last cycle) and K3TUP (Cleveland, well almost,
this cycle), I don't think I consider the midwest to be totally uncompetitive.

I agree with KM9P, I'd select K1EA's station over K4XS's anytime for a contest.
Florida will win some of the time, but Harvard is better.  On the other hand,
I think Florida would be more interesting for day-to-day hamming, but that's
not what we're talking about.

That it's different from every place is what makes contesting (and hamming in
general) intersting to me.


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