East Coast

Steve Fraasch Steve_Fraasch at ATK.COM
Tue Dec 29 15:45:28 EST 1992

I'm sorry, I can't take it anymore. I'm turning off my E-mail.   The hardships 
of W4 compared to W1 ?  Big scores from Chicago and Cleveland ???  The midwest 
pipeline to Oceania is the great equalizer ? (Did some guy really say that?)

You're not even close to the black hole region.  It start's somewhere around 
Des Moines, Iowa.

You "east coasters" should fly up and contest at K0KX's/W0AIH station the next 
time your in need of a severe flogging.  You'll quit and fly home by late 
Friday night.  If you really enjoy abuse, set-up from VE4.

How many of you heard a W0 work 9K2DS on 75m ? Zippo.

You've got it made !  It's easy down south.  I'm surprised the scores aren't 
bigger.  Zip cord out the window in Georgia is comparable to 4 square arrays 
here.  I lived down there; why bother with towers ?

I've seen the hot-shot east coast ops in action.  They're not so hot up here, 

Don't get me wrong, I love living in MN.  Ham radio's a hobby and I can't get 
excited about trying to equalize everyone's contest score.  Any inane effort 
towards that end is petty minded.  If you really want to win, then move to New 
England.  But, please stop complaining about the difficulty of working 80/160m 
Eu from Atlanta or Pittsburgh.  I'm not buying it.

Steve the "malcontent," K0SF

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