Barcelona '92 Olympic Games HF Contest

Alan Brubaker alan at
Mon Jul 20 09:18:50 EDT 1992

K6XO   Single operator, Single band (20 meters).

743 QSOs,  300 Multipliers (est),  600K (est).

I understand that this contest was not announced in CQ magazine.
There was a good turnout in Europe for this one and fortunately,
we had good propagation into Europe all weekend on 20. There
was also an amazing contingent of BY and BV stations, but the
HLs were non existent and the JAs were scarce (these are both
Olympic Games countries). K3WW and W5FO appeared to be most
active in the U.S. and no doubt are medal contendors. Very little
activity in South America - I did not hear zones 10, 11 or 12.
I listened up on 15 now and then and found some strong signals
coming in from Europe.

Alan, K6XO

alan at

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