New Phillystran

Jay Kesterson X4027 jayk at
Wed Jul 29 18:00:55 EDT 1992

>Has anyone used the new phillystran that uses clamps instead of potting
>tell us what you think.

I have some limited experience with the new stuff.  I replaced the aircraft
cable overhead on my Mosley PRO_96 with a V struss made from the new Philly.
So far it seems to be working fine.  The jacket does sort of disfigure
when you tighten down the clamps, it doesn't give you a real secure
feeling.  They tell you the amount of torque to use when tighting the
clamps.  They also say to check the torque on the clamps periodically,
which can be a problem if you can't easily reach them.

There are (I'm told) other companies that make potting heads that can
be used.  Also, the Socket Blue potting compound still seems to be 
available.  But the cable clamp method is much cheaper.

Philly Resin has a little pamphlet that shows you how to install the clamps.
Texas Towers sent along the pamphlet when I ordered the Philly from them.

Hope this helps,
Jay K0GU                 jayk at

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