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george554 at george554 at
Thu Jul 30 21:09:06 EDT 1992

i have used the ICE bandpass filters and they worked GREAT at the 
n5au multi-multi.  they are well built and took the power with no
problems.  i checked them on a network analyzer and found them to be
everything that ICE claims.  
ICE also makes a 5kw (i think it is 5kw) low-pass filter that i also checked
on a network analyzer and it looked great.  i dont know what happned to it
but while hooking up the 10m station at n5au i found it to be open.
it was not open before the contest -- anyway i dont know what happned to it.
i returned it to its owner (n3bb) maybe he will tell us what happened to it.
i would think that the ICE low pass would be a great choice.  
as far as bandwidth and all it is everything that ICE claims. 
BTW steve (n2ic) i have a drake low pass filter that you can have.
that way you can have one on each radio during the ss contests this fall.
(it has the same problem that yours does) :-)
my drake lp filter never saw more than a sb200 -- so......?

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