ICE Bandpass Filters

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at
Fri Jul 31 12:16:04 EDT 1992

Save yourself a toll call, ICE has an 800 number: (800) 423-2666.
I think they charge less than $30 a piece for the bandpass filters.

I have a set of 6 ICE bandpass filters.  They have worked pretty well,
though with only 15-25 dB of attenuation between some bands, I still
see some interstation interference.  All antennas are mounted on a
single 14' mast, so I have what you might call a worst case scenario).

I have found insertion loss to be rather high on 20m and 10m, much
higher than the figures reported here earlier (100w in, <80 watts out).
Of course, this was measured with a wattmeter, not a spectrum analyzer.
But could there be 10-20 watts in harmonics?  I'm using two TS-930Ss.

Bob, N6TV

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