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Tue Jun 2 15:22:15 EDT 1992

Hi George,

I started out using DXLog by PAYL software (K3PA) (current version 1.8).  It
supports DXCC, WAZ and Oblast tracking (you enter the state to get the zone
for stateside stations correct, but has no built-in WAS tracking).  The
program is good in that it had intimate knowledge of the awards rules (i.e.
5BWAZ contacts aren't valid unless made after 1/1/79, had deleted DXCC
country tracking, etc.).  However, the package is really two separate
programs - the PacketCluster interface is a separate module from the
logging/awards module (though you can log using the cluster module).
Furthermore, every time a DX spot came in, the program searches through all
your QSOs with that country to find out if that country was needed for a
DXCC or WAZ award.  While this is quick for Bouvet or S.  Sandwich, it is
rather slow when a JA or YU spot appears on the cluster, and you've worked
hundreds of them.  It also has to check each QSO in your log to get current
DXCC or WAZ statistics.  This program does have the ability to import CT and
NA logs, and I believe PAYL will help you import from other logging

I switched to DXbase by Scientific Solutions about a year ago.  The program
is a logger and PacketCluster monitor in one.  The database is indexed in
different ways which make packet filtering and award standing instantaneous.
Version 2.0 tracks WAS and IOTA statistics as well as DXCC, WAZ and Oblasts.
Furthermore, they also track Satellite and YL variations on the same awards.
The awards rules aren't so well understood, however.  For example, to
generate a 5BWAZ application, you have to print out 5 single-band forms, and
chances are, it will pick up QSOs from before 1/1/79, so you'll have to tag
'favored' QSOs before printing the reports.  DXbase does have superior
database report printing - you can select just about anything you want (i.e.
all YLs worked on CW for your Oblast award).  DXbase has the ability to
import logs from CT and NA, as well as a number of different logging
programs including DXLog and N6RJ (I think).

Both of the above programs run well under DESQview.

I have been playing around with the shareware version of TurboLog by
G3-something-or-other, and distributed by Pavillion Software (AK1A).
Unfortunately, it has a built-in timer which doesn't allow you to play with
the program for more than 10 minutes or so before exiting.  I'd be
interested in hearing anyone's comments.

73 - Jim AD1C

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