Guy Wire Insulators

Geoffry S. Howard GHOWARD at
Fri May 22 14:23:20 EDT 1992

Opinions wanted: I have 120 feet of Rohn 45 with the HyGain 5 element
monobanders for 10, 15, and 20 on top. Mounted on the side of the tower
are additional monobanders: 2 for 15, one for 20, and one for 10. These
antennas are all enclosed underneath a canopy of four sets of guys.
These guys are insulated from the tower at the tower, grounded at the
ground end, but otherwise have ZERO insulators to break them up.

Is this insane? The antennas appear to work well, but I have no easy
way of telling how much better they could be with the guys broken
up electrically. I have MN, but thus far have had no success modeling the
guy interactions because the resulting model is too big for my machine.
The question is whether any of you have strong feelings or empirical
results that would guide me in whether I should break up the guys. If
so, what are the magic lengths that seem to work for you?

A related question: Anybody have .ANT files for the Hy-Gain 205BAS,
155BAS, and/or 105BAS for the MN program. I am having one DEVIL of a
time successfully modeling these antennas. The dimensions I am using
for the 155BAS, for example, are yielding negative front-to-back.
The 155 is not a particularly good antenna, but it is not THAT! bad.

Finally, anyone have experience with the huge DX Engineering 20 meter
monobanders?? Thinking about getting a pair of them....

       Geoff Howard, W0CG
       Suffield, Ohio

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