10,000 Qsos and Sunspots

Larry Tyree x 7210 larryt at ateq.com
Fri May 29 10:14:03 EDT 1992

amen to trey's comments.  When you are one of the few signals on the band,
you will attract lots of people and have high rates.  Remember WA2UOO/KP4
in a CD party on 10 meters?  Or even N6TR in an open CD party on a "closed"
10 meter band that was barely open from Thousand Oaks to Florida.  These
types of situations create record breaking scores.

The KP4/KV4 advantage is always less in a SS when conditons are good and 
they are just another signal on the band.  When they are bad, you can't
touch them.

Congrats to Rich for his great effort.  Now if we could just get him to
take responsibility for the QSLs.  The non-announcement of a QSL route 
until after the contest has resulted in much confusion and a growing
pile of cards at my house.

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