M-2 antennas

Phil Duff pduff at subzero.austin.ibm.com
Tue May 26 13:21:52 EDT 1992

Forgot to put who I am in previous posting...

Saw the reference to the M-2 beams at W6QHS's QTH in Trey's WPX rundown and am
curious if anyone has any comments on the performance and mechanical construction
of these beams?  I stopped at the M-2 booth in Dayton a couple of times and
looked at their display.  The mechanical construction looked very nice.  How	
do they play in the real world, design background, etc.?
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>From k4pql at vnet.ibm.com  Sun May 31 21:11:13 1992
From: k4pql at vnet.ibm.com (Howard Hoyt)
Date: Tue Jan 28 19:45:33 2003
Subject: WPX92
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Aint electronix wonderful ? 10 mins after the contest we log on with
final score !
K4PQL 1295 Q 567 P for 2.071.818 pts.
Conditions seemed typical summertime, poor daytime but decent night
with QRN on LF. JA path was non existent here. Suspots/time of year
seemed to favor 40 over 15.
73, AL

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