DX Mailing list?

Trey Garlough GARLOUGH at TGV.COM
Mon Nov 2 16:24:55 EST 1992

> Is there a DX mailing list similar to this contest mailing list

I am not aware of one.  I have followed net.ham-radio (now called 
misc.radio.amateur.misc or whatever) for years, but threads of 
interest to me on that newsgroup are often shouted down by people 
who have no respect for the multi-faceted nature of the hobby.

By creating the CQ-CONTEST forum, I hoped to improve the signal-to-
noise ratio a bit.  I don't mean to say I disapprove of dissenting 
viewpoints, but I hoped to create a forum that caters to intelligent
discussion of a particular ham radio special interest that appeals to
me, namely on-air competition.  I didn't feel this was possible in a 

As for DXing, if there is some interest, then it would be best to start 
a forum dedicated to DXing (CQ-DX anyone?).  Any volunteers?  

John Dorr (K1AR) says "DXing is something you do to kill time between 
contests" and I tend to agree.  In light of that, I am happy to host
discussions of DX in the CQ-CONTEST forum until the DXers get organized
enough to start their own mailing list.

--Trey, WN4KKN/6

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