Revising _QST_ contest coverage

Patty Winter winter at
Thu Nov 5 12:38:28 EST 1992

Eric Scace writes:

   Here are some ideas for other solutions:

   -- shift QST coverage to focus on:
      .. rules: these need broad dissemination, so even the casual ops can 
                find them.
      .. tutorials: to help attract people to try contests, or to operate
      and at the same time eliminate the pages of fine print, photos, and 
      results listings which are mainly of interest to the actual partici-

I like this! Wouldn't it be much better to use the space to get people
(especially non/new contesters) interested in the contest and help them
enjoy it? 

_QST_ already does this with Novice Roundup, and they occasionally
print generic articles on getting into contesting. But each contest is
different, and it would be nice to have a whole page (or more) giving
newcomers tips on how to handle that specific contest. 

With the deadlines involved in printing a magazine, they couldn't give
much detail about the probable propagation conditions. But they could
make broad statements about what the conditions are likely to be, given
the time of year and point in the solar cycle.

During Jim Maxwell's DX forum at the Pacific Division convention a few 
weeks ago, I made my standard speech about how newcomers and people with
low-power stations shouldn't be afraid to try CQWW and other contests.
It would be great to see that kind of encouragement (along with specific
tips) on a regular basis in _QST_.

Patty N6BIS

p.s. Check out Eric on the cover of the latest _CQ_. And remember that
the equipment visible in the photo is only half the story, right, Eric?

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