Sylvan Katz sylvan at
Mon Nov 9 09:42:21 EST 1992

VE5ZX Preliminary Sweep Stakes Results 

SS Class B

1021 QSO 
77 Sections
157,234 points


TS930s + KW amp (about 600W out)
2 el 10/15/20 quad @ 35 ft
1/4 wave 40 vertical with a 80 loading coil off an 18AVQ on top 

** Just an very average station **

Not too bad - I did have a little of a competetive edge being in VE5.
However, there are less than 1 million people within a 500 mile radius
you have to have a power house of s signal to break through the QRM
40/80. How I dream of a 40m quad. The real problem was that I had the
flu and my attention span and accuracy was not up to snuff. CU all in
the SS phone.


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