More SS soapbox

Derek Wills oo7 at
Mon Nov 9 17:28:35 EST 1992

Kris AA5UO (in NTX) says:

       >>...... However, I didn't hear any PAC stations and the only YU/NWT
       >>heard was VY1JA and he was in the noise at my station. He wasn't around
       >>very long and I suspect he didn't work that many Q's.

Interesting - here in STX there were at least a couple of loud KH6s with no
crowd after them (just like the couple of KP2s and KP4s, with no pile-ups).
N3KK/KH6 had 500+ QSOs when I heard him near the end.

VY1JA was the only YU/NWT station I found, and he was a perfectly fine signal
here around 00Z on 21040 the last evening.  He was not the swiftest of ops,
had to go split, berated people for calling over others, and he thought the 
contest was over at 0000 - but was persuaded otherwise.  At that time he had 
made 280 or so QSOs.  I wouldn't have persisted but I had my little heart set 
on the stupid coffee mug that we have to pay for.

Do I get a prize for doing a sweep with the first 152 QSOs?   Anyone ever
done it with 77 QSOs?

       >>Does anyone know who might be on from PAC and YU/NWT in the phone SS?

Ah, a True Contester [tm] - worrying about the phone contest before the 
ionosphere has had time to cool off after the cw one :-)

Thanks to all for the QSOs -

Derek AA5BT

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