couple of points

James N. Price price at
Tue Nov 10 15:59:59 EST 1992

YES, I know why each QSO in SS is 2 points.  It used to be years
ago that you got one point for sending an exchange and one point
for receiving one.  You could have incomplete contacts (one way)
in your log and report only 1 point for that contact.  It's been a
long time, young feller, but I know that was the case when I first
started in SS in 1964 (when I won the Santa Barbara section on
phone running 35 watts of A.M. and making 82 contacts--things have

And yes, I'd like to see /7 or whatever attached as appropriate,
but since the FCC doesn't require it, it's probably not worth the
effort for SS.  It *does* make sense for a DX contest, tho.

--Jim, K6ZH

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