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Kris Mraz mraz at
Thu Nov 12 13:31:17 EST 1992

WB2EKK/3 writes:

> ... I thought for sure (and still foolishly hope) that the FCC would
> come to its senses and realize that a GS 1 with an IBM PC could maintain a
> choose-your-own-callsign system. By the way, rumor for Bill WA3LJP, a PVRCer
> who works for J. Johnston at the FCC, that Gettysburg was told to start getting
> its new ADP system programmed to handle such a program, probably in 1994. We'll
> see.
> ...
This really hit home for me. I lost my N5KM callsign a few years ago (grace period
expired for 5 year renewable licenses - drat) and I've been pushing this with every
ARRL and FCC official I can think of ever since. Even though this is a rumor, its
still the best news I've gotten from anyone I've corresponded with. Does your
PVRC source know if it'll be open to everyone? Or restricted in some way?

Sorry, this isn't contest related, but EKK didn't leave an email address.

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