sellington sellington at mail.ssec.wisc.edu
Wed Nov 18 16:05:27 EST 1992

I think the point of this whole discussion is that it would be interesting
to have ONE contest that depended mostly on operating skill, instead of
hardware and geography.  There's no question that the operators who
are most successful in other contests would do very well.  After all,
a few of them regularly score higher than others with equally good
stations and locations.  On the other hand, there are probably many
very skilled operators (and I'm decidedly NOT one of them!) who just 
never have a chance to finish on top because they lack the resources, or
live in the wrong part of the world.  

I don't think anyone has proposed changing the rules of any existing
contest.  But it might be interesting to see how the operators who
consistently turn in respectable QRP or low power scores from places
like Manitoba would score compared to the big guns on the East Coast,
base solely on operating skill.

Creating an equalized contest is tough, though.  Of all the ideas
I've seen, I best like W9XT's computer-program contest.  Sure, it's
not really ham radio, but there's is simply no other way to take
out all the variables besides operating skill.  Besides, it wouldn't
clutter up the bands with yet another contest, and it could be run in
the middle of the summer when propagation is crummy anyway.

Now, if I could just remember the call of the last guy I worked long enough
to get it in the log.....

Scott   K9MA

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