Why Contest?

Daniel J. Curtin CURTIN%NKUVAX.bitnet at CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
Thu Nov 19 09:56:04 EST 1992

For me the fun is trying to see if I can do better than the last time. Since I
rarely can work more than a few hours, I compare my rates with last year. They
are going from low to a little bigger!

        I started contesting because it was a good way to get new countries
quickly. Then just the fun of fast contacts and working good ops took over.

        I got discouraged- consistenly being beaten by thousands or millions of
points. I felt like I was taking a PeeWee team up against the Buffalo Bills,
those good ops make the no-huddle offence look slow. Then I realized the
analogy was wrong. Those big scorers need my QSOs. It's as if Jim Kelly needed
me to haul in a pass or two in order for the Bills to win! I catch a lot more
on the first toss than when I started.

Dan, KF4AV

Daniel J. Curtin
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY 41099-1700

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