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Alan Brubaker alan at
Thu Nov 19 13:00:13 EST 1992

Gee, George, you sound just like my XYL .... ..

Eric made some good points, but I can tell you that my experience
operating from KP2A in the CQWW CW DX contest 4 years ago was one
of the best for me. When you are running a European pileup at 200
QSOs per hour or so on 80 meters, it can be quite exciting indeed.
Even if you are a hunt 'n pouncer, it is still a challenge to keep
the rate up. But running in a high rate situation is not the only
thing that there is to contesting.

Most of us humans have some competitive instinct inside us somewhere.
As individuals, we find ways to satisfy this competitive urge in one
way or another. Whether it is bowling, baseball, or radio contesting,
when you win, or think you have won, it can get the adrenalin coursing 
in your veins, and it can feel good.

Alan, K6XO

alan at

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