SS Phone.

Alan Brubaker alan at
Mon Nov 23 07:36:56 EST 1992

K6XO/7 (+N7RJS) Multi-op, High power  1161/77
W7MR (+WE7B & WK7V) Multi-op, High power  1020/77

Sydney, N7RJS, just received his license earlier this year, and had
operated a little bit on Field Day. So he is very new at this. He
operated for a few hours on Sunday on 15 meters and did fairly well.
15 meters was outstanding, especially on Sunday. Signals from all
over the eastern half of the U.S. were very strong all day, and it
was open up until 0200 or so on Sunday. We had only two unworked
sections Saturday evening when we shut down for the night
- Delaware and Wyoming. Found WN3K on 15 Sunday morning for DE,
and finally found W7VJN for WY on Sunday evening on 75. I heard
some people say that they worked several VE8/VY1 stations! We only
got VE8SS. Seemed to me that activity was up this year, and most of
the sections were well represented. W7MR says that he will have his
beam up in the spring.

Alan, K6XO/7

alan at

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