NA 7.06

Howard Hoyt k4pql at
Mon Nov 23 12:34:00 EST 1992

(from IBM Contest forum)

----- CONTEST FORUM appended at 17:23:15 on 92/11/23 GMT (by YOUNG at LEXVMK) -
Subject: NA 7.06

Does anyone know if there is a newer level of NA than 7.06? I had a
consistent problem with it blowing up if I paged up the QSO list and
then paged down '1 too far'. This may have been preceeded by entering a
partial call.

Does LTA have a BBS where one can get fixes (like they have for CT)?

George, N4OHW

.ps missed PAC for a sweep for SS SSB. Argh! Last section worked was DE
late Sunday on 75ssb (100 w to inv vee).  The static crashes here in KY
on 77ssb were something else! My guess is that it was even worse south
of us in 'Tornado Alley'.

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