Derek Wills oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu
Mon Nov 30 19:34:03 EST 1992

   -- Lastly, I think HC8N was wrong to work a buddy after calling for EU.
That also counts against in the "sportsmanship" category.  If people don't
honor the requests of the calling station, then chaos will break out.

-- eric  K3NA

   I agree that it was wrong for a non-European to call, but it's hard 
to say whether it was "wrong" of Trey to work the guy.   Sometimes it's
easier to do that if you think the guy is going to be persistent and
wreck your run of European stations at a critical time.  I suppose the 
bottom line is that a real "buddy" would not call when the op was asking 
for Europe only.

  In general, I thought the level of operating was much higher than in
the phone contest, which seems to bring out the worst in some people...

Derek aa5bt

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