WPX Silence

Joe Staples 71045.2632 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Apr 1 10:32:01 EST 1993

There have been very few scores posted from this past weekend's CQ WW WPX
SSB Contest. This is in sharp contrast to the aftermath of the ARRL DX tests.
Is this usual? Is WPX really a "secondary" contest among the elilte of the 
contest fraternity? Andy, GM0ECO, who was the principal operator of NZ5I over
the weekend's frivolity expressed surprise at the dearth of results, especially
among those prominent "east-of-the-Mississippi" stations he encountered during
the ARRL SSB. His "business" trip to the states, which just "happened" to
coincide with WPX produced a commendable score...but he has no reference point
for comparison. Perhaps someone will enlighten us. 

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