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> Now that contest season is going to wind down for a while,
> it's time to try and get some antenna work done (lame
> excuse, this was my least effective contest season yet).
> The local hardware stores know nothing about any type of
> conductive grease or goop.  Could any of you please direct
> me to a mail order source of this product, along with any
> of your personal recommendations?  I have a couple of
> antennas I am putting back up, and they have been sitting
> around awhile.
> Thanks!
> 73, Tom WB4IUX 
I would try an electrical supply outlet that caters to contractors. They 
typically carry that sort of thing. However, last year when I installed my 
Mosley PRO-67B, a conversation with the President of Mosley indicated that 
there is a wide variety of the conductive "goop", so I'd somehow find out how 
to quantify the conductivity and life characteristics of what the suppliers 
have available.  Penetrox is one brand name I have heard of.

Ron -  W0OSK

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