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Sat Apr 3 18:08:00 EST 1993

Ive been reading all the comments about 24 hour contesting, and
would like to add my perspective on the subject. Ive written to
the CAC, as NW Division rep, and my letter appeared in the latest
NCJ.  The MAIN REASON I even brought up the idea, was to try and
SCOR. This includes, but isnt limited to "contesters", but mainly
the folks on the air who are caual OPS (as opposed to CASUAL 
us in the contesting ranks, that for one reason or another, feel
we have to make a category of 24 hours. I KNOW there are lots of
"valid" reasons for a 24 entry, but that entry addresses CONTESTERS.

My letter would simply offer a SUNDAY DRIVER a chance to get his score
printed (these guys usually DONT submit scores) with some RECOGNITION
of his efforts. The printing of a "TOP 10 BOX for short timers" 
(ie quarter times, etc) would simply be a way of encouraging these
guys to stay on the air for (6 hours in SS, 12 hours in DX), and
adding to the activity and fun, for EVERYONE in the contest. 
opposed to  simply creating new categories in established contests, 
but feel we should address some recognition for the vast majority of
folks who get on to help the fulltimers build their scores. A "box"
and an asterisk behind a call in the listings, does not create a
category, it simply encourages more people to play in the game....
seemingly a benefit to ALL., what do you think??

        73 Danny K7SS

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From: Fred Hopengarten" <lectroid!jjmhome!k1vr!k1vr at (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1993 22:12:09 EST
Subject: TIC Ring
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On Mon, 29 Mar 93 23:02 EST,!bob (Bob, K2PH) wrote:
Anyone have any experiences with [TIC RingRotors]?

     I do.  I've had a TIC RingRotor up almost since the day they
introduced them.  At first it had an RFI problem, and the controller
would get screwed up by the presence of RF on the antenna, so close to
the motor (and it's system for telling where it was pointed).
Eventually (three tries later), they cured it.  It is now cured in all
models, as a result of my agony.  The guy, Tod, who answers the phone,
will do what he says, but as he's not an engineer, it sometimes takes
a while.

     I have a CushCraft 40-2CD (shorty forty) on it.  It turns in the
wind.  It turns in the snow.  Twice in five years it has not turned
after an ice storm.  Then the sun came out and, despite bitter cold,
it turned again.

     It turns VERY slowly (90 seconds to go 360 degrees), but I love
it, because I couldn't stand the thought of a tall mast sticking, like
a lever arm, above my 100 foot tall Rohn 25.  It also permits any
spacing you like between antennas (as long as the guy wires don't get
in the way).

     I'd do it again. -- Fred K1VR (617/259-0088, days or evenings)
Fred Hopengarten K1VR
home + office telephone:  617/259-0088 (FAX on demand)
"Big antennas, high in the sky, are better than small ones, low."

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