Fred Cady ieefc at fred_c at
Wed Apr 7 08:32:38 EDT 1993

"Fighting Antenna Corrosion", April 93 QST, pg 24 shows Ox-Gard, 
Aluma-Shield, Noalox, De-Ox, Penetrox, and Butter-It's-Not (!)
as readily available corrosiion fighting compounds.  Even though
these are probably insulators, the article says they are squeezed
away from the microscopic points of contact but fill in around them
to eliminate air and moisture.  Seems reasonable to me.

Also, AEA recommends using vaseline between the cone and mast and then
to tape over the cone/mast joint before putting the hose clamp on
for their Isopole antennas.  

73, Fred KE7X

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