24-hr proposals

John Montague montaguj at CCMSMTP.STPAUL.NCR.COM
Wed Apr 7 10:47:18 EDT 1993

It is interesting to see the prime elements behind a 'contiguous 24 Hr' 
catagory come back in Eric's proposal.  It seems like a rather 
complicated, but more flexable, way to accomplish the same end.  That is 
to ensure that all competitive catagories have the same opportunities 
and chalenges associated with propagation variation throughout the day.  
Certainly for DX contests this is an important aspect of contesting -- 
it also argues against a 12 or 18 hour catagory in a DX contest, however 
it might be OK in a SS or the old CD Party environment.

Being a strong believer in KISS, let me float another proposal:

        24 Hour Catagory: An entrant in this catagory may 
        operate a maximum of 24 Hours.  One of two methods must 
        be used to identify the 24 hours of operation -- a 
        contiguous 24 hour period may be operated, or a 
        contiguous 24 hour off period may be taken.  
        The 24 Hour Catagory entrant must sign the following 
        declaration on the summary sheet "I certify that no 
        activity related to contest operation has occurred 
        during the 24 hours of off time claimed during the 48 
        hour contest period."  The intent of this certification 
        is make 'off periods' mean in the strictest sense just 
        that, i.e., to proscribe listening to contest activity, 
        examining packet cluster announcements, or any similar 
        activity that might shed light on actual contest 

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