Ring Rotors, etc.

k3lr k3lr at telerama.pgh.pa.us
Thu Apr 8 01:37:40 EDT 1993

A good sorce of Anti-Oxidants for antennas is ICE.  They have of mixes
for copper to copper, aluminum to aluminum, steel to steel.  
1-800-ICE-COMM will get you the info

I have Ring rotors up supporting a 3 el full size 40 and other yagis
for 20, 15 and 10.  They work great and really hold the antenna during
a wind storm.  I've had more problems with my Create and Daiwa rotors
than the rings.  I have even adapted them to AB-105 (angle legs) type
I do not know anything about the new rings for Rohn 25.  I hope they
perform as well as these older models do.

I'm not sure I understand the oping beyond 24 hours in SS and turning
in the time as a check log. 
What is the benifit?  
I have never heard anyone say, "Sure wish I could of operated MORE
during the past Sweepstakes".
If you work stations during the check log period and now you can't
work them again during your 24 hour log period......

Tim K3LR

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